1. New developped LCD Display - for VOLKSWAGEN GOLF V/TOURAN/PASSAT (models after 2003) SEAT (some models after 2004)

    as we know, there're couple types of Golf V dashboards, and different dashboards have a different lcd display.

    the following we will introduce a popular one which has generally a common failure :

    Make/Models :  VOLKSWAGEN GOLF V/TOURAN/PASSAT (models after 2003) SEAT (some models after 2004)

    Application :  instrument cluster / dashboard

    Note :   with the same appearance, there're 2 models of this display in different thickness, one is 1.5mm and one is 2 mm.

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  2. New arrival - Stepper motor For Citroen C5 PH II

    Stepper motor / dashboard pointer For Citroen C5 PH II


    Dimensions :


    pointer diameter  1.5mm

    pointer lengh :  7.3mm  

    Type :  refurbished

    Click   to get a quote.


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  3. Come and meet Sacer at REMATEC 2019 GZ & EQUIP AUTO 2019 Paris & AUTOMACHANIKA 2019 SH

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  4. Transmission Control Unit - DQ200 DSG 0AM927769D for VW

    There's a deadly failure what really makes a VW car owner feel scared, we can say that is the Transmission Control Unit breakdown.

    What is a Transmission control unit ?

    It's generally abbreviated as TCU, be used to determine the shift point when the car shifts, control the car shifting mechanism to perform the reverse and forward operation,

    calculate the motor speed when the car shifts, and calculate the vehicle speed control module.

    Inside the TCU, there's a pivotal control board which assambled with slide valve box, named as DQ200 ( or DSG ) part number 0AM927769D.

    it's often to see a TCU with the DQ200 getting damaged, which makes the car can't be shifted, really dangerous for driving.

    Under such case, we will need a solution to fix the problem, the time a potential business appears — replacing the DQ200 !

    what does this DQ200 looks like ?

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  5. New project - Massey Ferguson 6400/7400-Sarja-series tractor lcd display - in developping

    In past years, Sacer is always focusing on car lcd display's manufacturing and trading, 

    in year 2019 we bring into the New project - tractor lcd display's developping. 

    Through months' researching and analyzing, Sacer R&D team has successfully achieved the self-developped capacity from sample design to mass production. 

    As following let's have an overview to this tractor display :

    Make/Model : 

    Massey Ferguson Tractor -


    Application :

    Instrument cluster / Dashboard


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  6. LCD replacement for repair Kenworth trucks / VDO cockpit / Jcb tractor / Volvo penta boats

    You may feel very familiar when this Speedometer / Tachometer unit comes into your sight,   


    there's no doubt, it's really exsisting on lots of devices, like : VDO cockpit  , Jcb tractor,  Kenworth trucks as well as Volvo penta boats.

    when there's a request asking for repairing such unit, you may find that there's a certain failure rate which happens on its inside lcd screen.

    under such case, you may think to change the whole unit by an new one, here we introduce with a better solution, we repair it by only replacing an small lcd display, 

           ( look and guess how much you will spend  for getting this small lcd ? )

    Let's have a view here :  

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  7. Fiat 500 instrument cluster LCD display 2008-2011 COG-VLIT 1592-02

    It's common to see a Fiat 500 car on the road in Europe, under a certain lifespan, there be also a very common failure occur on its instrument cluster,

    it might be the problem of the pointer motor, the mini bulbs, as well as the circuit board, but the most easily defective one should be the LCD display.

    what we're introducing now is just this Fiat 500 instrument cluster LCD display for year 2008-2011 :

    If you're a car repairer, or car spare parts trader, you may have a knowlegde already about it, there're many different part numbers existing on this Fiat 500 lcd display, 


    COG VLIT 1592-02

    COG VLIT 1592-03

    COG VLIT 1317-03

    COG VLIT 1317-07

    COG VLIT 1229A-01

    COG-VLIT 1228A-01

    COG-VLIT 1229B-01


    among the list, number COG VLIT 1592-02 should be most popular one, if you have ever had a request on this type of lcd failure,

    here would be a very good choice for you to

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  8. SA1048 Stepper Motor For Opel Micro Switch

    The original stepper motors installed from the factory had an internal material/design flaw that caused short service life and have since been redesigned several times to increase lifespan and reduce noise.

    Stepper motors are soldered into place directly onto the circuit board.  Replacement requires de-soldering of the faulty stepper motors for removal and soldering in of the new X27.168 replacement steppers.  Experience in electronics de-soldering and soldering is highly suggested if you attempt this repair as damage to the circuit board is common with at home repairs.

    SA1048 Stepper Motor For Opel Micro Switec Instrument Cluster or Dashboard. This replacement will work to repair car stepper motor

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  9. How to Solve the BMW Instrument Cluster Problem

    What problems are you experiencing with your auto instrument cluster? Do you have one or more gauges that are not working, or are working improperly?

    Are there some lighting issues with the cluster, either backlighting or with malfunction indicators? Or is the odometer or transmission indicator not working within your auto cluster? These are just some of the problems or issues that can be fixed with an auto cluster repair or a car instrument cluster rebuild, without having to spend the money to purchase a new auto cluster

    You only need to replace the lcd display for the instrument cluster. It is more cheaper than buying a new cluster. Sacer can provide you high quality lcd display with ribbon cable for BMW E53 (X5 ) / (E38) / (E39 ) with attractive price

    Sacer is your best choice

    When we start to investigate a new damag

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  10. SA1012 best selling LCD Display for Mercedes C Class

    Hi every fans,

    Today, we will recommend SA1012 LCD DISPLAY for Mercedes Benz for instrument clusteror dashboard.


    It has OE IC driver, soldering is not necessary. The IC Driver is an important accessory of display, which control and decide the input/output information. so there are less FPC to control.

    Check the attached picture if you need to know more information:


    For the above display, It doesn’t have any issues, such as black screen and so on. Why? Because all of Sacer LCD has a strict temperature control system, which can work normally under -20℃ -

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