Shipping Guide

Two warehouses available

1. We have two warehouses, one is in China and the other is in Germany.

   Germany Warehouse: The Products Can Ship to European Countries.

   China Warehouse: The Products Can Ship to Most Other Countries.

   If there are two warehouse' Products in you cart. We need more time to dispose.

2. We will choose the more convenient one according to customers’ locations.

3. If you need to designate the warehouse to deliver the goods, please contact us: [email protected]



1. How do we calculate the shipping cost for customer?

-If you choose China warehouse, your shipping cost is the freight from Shenzhen to your address, mainly includes fuel costs.

-If you choose EU warehouse, then your shipping cost includes the freight we transit the goods from Shenzhen to EU warehouse and the freight from EU warehouse to your address.

2.Why is the shipping cost more expensive than before?

-Due to the impact of the epidemic, more workers get infected and the flight's storage space is limited, thus a lot of goods are piled up in the transit warehouse. In that way the storage fees, warehouse fees, and various additional fees have gradually increased. And these fees are included in the shipping cost.
-Rising freight is a trend affected by the current epidemic, and the changes is unstable, we will update the calculation method in our shop according to the latest freight standard from time to time.

3. Can European customer choose the China warehouse for shipment?

-Yes, If you choose shipping from China warehouse to European countries, please noted that you will be responsible for handling customs clearance and paying custom duty fee.


DHL Express & UPS Express

In order to deliver your purchase products in the most efficient, fast and hassle free way --- 

1. Usually we adopt DHL Express or UPS Express. (Some areas may not be supported).

2. And please note that all the freight is borne by the customers. 

Shipping Courier (from China)                                               Shipping Courier (from Germany)

DHL:                                                                                           DHL:                                                                         
Delivery time: 2-7 working days                                                Delivery timer: 3-5 working days
You can track on:                                     You can track on: 

UPS:                                                                                           UPS:
Delivery timer: 2-7 working days                                               Delivery timer: 3-5 working days
You can track on:                                    You can track on:


SACER Exceptions

Sacer is not responsible for shipments which are delayed due to causes

beyond the control of our carriers, including, but not limited to the following:

1. Acts of God, riots, strikes or other labor disputes. 

2. Air traffic control delays, disruptions in air or ground transportation networks

due to events such as weather phenomena or natural disasters.