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  1. Evolution of Turbo Actuators: A Journey of Power and Efficiency

    The history of turbo actuators is a fascinating tale of innovation, transforming the automotive industry and revolutionizing engine performance. Let's take a journey through the remarkable evolution of turbo actuators.

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  2. The Evolution of automotive dashboard LCDs

    The development of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens for automotive dashboards has undergone significant progress, with a notable transition from TN (Twisted Nematic) screens to TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) screens.

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  3. How SACER resolving Actuator Leakage Issues?

    As we all known that actuators often encounter the common problem of leakage. This issue arises due to environmental factors and design flaw and can lead to significant damage to the actuators. In order to address this challenge, SACER has developed a comprehensive solution that focuses on both design and process management aspects.

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  4. Development and Opportunities in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry: Focusing on the VGT Actuator Market

    Introduction: With the continuous advancement of automotive technology, turbocharging systems play a crucial role in enhancing power performance and fuel efficiency. Within turbocharging systems, the VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) actuator is considered an important component for engine performance optimization and emission control.

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