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  1. Christmas & New Year’s promotion for online shop

    Dive into the holiday spirit with! Exclusive for our valued customers:

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  2. An Overview of Automotive Components

    Automobiles are complex machines composed of numerous interconnected parts that work together to ensure smooth and efficient operation. These components can be broadly categorized into various systems, each playing a crucial role in the overall functionality of the vehicle.

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  3. LCD display of Fiat Ducato COG-VLIT 1595-01 is going to be available in year 2024

    Are you experiencing issues like missing pixels, flickering, or complete failure with the LCD display of your Fiat Ducato dashboard

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  4. BMW B38/N20 Actuator K6T50571 Coming Soon!

    Get ready for a performance boost in your BMW! We are thrilled to announce that the latest BMW B38/N20 Actuator K6T50571 is set to hit the market in December, delivering exceptional performance and an enhanced driving experience.

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  5. Liquid cooling overcharging: new energy vehicle development trends and industrial layout

    Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hainan have unveiled plans to establish "supercharging cities," "supercharging capitals," and "supercharging islands," respectively, aiming to enhance new energy vehicle charging infrastructure.

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