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  1. 2024 SACER VIP Exclusive Discount

    We are thrilled to introduce our VIP Exclusive Discount Program, designed exclusively for you to enhance your shopping experience at our online store.

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  2. The priciest components for car replacement in the top 10

    Recent research conducted by the electronic car parts remanufacturer has revealed the most expensive car components to be replaced in 2024, with the engine taking the lead - acting as the car's vital organ.

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  3. The Affordable Evolution of Electric Cars

    In recent years, the automotive industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, fueled by the surging popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles. With a global commitment to combat climate change gaining momentum

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  4. Global Auto Parts Exhibition 2024 Schedule

    Interested in Sacer's products or planning new projects? Email us your upcoming exhibition schedule for a convenient meeting arrangement.

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  5. Christmas & New Year’s promotion for online shop

    Dive into the holiday spirit with! Exclusive for our valued customers:

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  6. LCD display of Fiat Ducato COG-VLIT 1595-01 is going to be available in year 2024

    Are you experiencing issues like missing pixels, flickering, or complete failure with the LCD display of your Fiat Ducato dashboard

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