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  1. New actuator release from Sacer

    Unlock the full potential of your truck with the Navistar DT466 electric actuators! These high-performance components are designed to take your truck's capabilities to the next level, delivering a range of advantages that will transform your driving experience.

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  2. The Importance of Turbocharger Actuators for Heavy Duty Trucks

    Turbocharger actuators play a critical role in the performance and efficiency of heavy-duty trucks. These trucks are often tasked with transporting large loads over long distances, and turbochargers, along with their actuators

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  3. Is your market in need of Ford Focus, C-max dashboard display replacement ?

    As we know, There’re couples of different models of the instrument clusters for Ford Focus vehicles,correspondingly the dashboard displays for these instrument clusters are also different

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  4. Global Remanufacturing Market: A Promising Future for Sustainability

    Remanufacturing is not a concept that emerged overnight. Its history can be traced back several decades, but in recent years, due to increasing environmental concerns and a growing focus on resource sustainability, the remanufacturing market has experienced significant growth. Here are key periods of change

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  5. Sharing of recent news on global new energy market

    Continental AG's Chair, Wolfgang Reitzle, is focusing on the company's structure, aiming at the Hannover car supplier and tire maker, as insiders told Manager magazine

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  6. Exciting News Enhancing Product Quality and Sustainability Through New Packaging!

    SACER would like to share an important enhancement regarding the packaging of our products. As a company committed to continually improving product quality and environmental consciousness, we have made a decision to update our packaging

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