Dear Valued Customer,


Exciting news! Introducing our VIP Exclusive Discount Program, tailored just for you to elevate your online shopping experience. This program expresses our gratitude for your support by offering personalized discounts based on the total product amount (excluding shipping and fees) of your orders.


Here's a brief overview of how our VIP Exclusive Discount Program operates:


    Rating System: Your customer rating is determined by the cumulative product amount of your orders within a year. Each rating level corresponds to a specific discount percentage, ensuring you receive benefits aligned with your support.


    Automatic Upgrades: As you accumulate order amounts throughout the year, you will automatically advance to the next rating level when you meet the criteria. This means instant upgrades, enabling you to enjoy the corresponding discount on every order.


    Continuous Benefits: Upon reaching a new rating level, you'll enjoy the perks for a full year. Every subsequent order during that period qualifies for the discount associated with your current rating.


    Annual Reset: At the end of each year, all customer rating data will be reset to zero, offering a fresh start for the upcoming year.


Details of Ratings and Corresponding Discounts:

Total product amount (excluding shipping and fees) of your orders in 1 years

VIP Level


Below 1200 USD



1201-2400 USD






3201 USD



(PS:The product amount of your order will be accumulated starting from 2024.01.01 and the discount mechanism will be implemented from 2024.02.08  If there is any problem or question , welcome contacting us :[email protected])


This VIP Exclusive Discount Program is our way of expressing gratitude for your continued support. Thank you for being a valued part of our shop, and we look forward to providing you with an even more rewarding shopping experience.


Happy shopping!


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Sacer online shop Team