SA1514 - 30403 QFP64 Bosch (NEW)

SA1514 - 30403 QFP64 Bosch (NEW)



SA1403 - Auto ECU Sensor Signal Simulation Expert

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Application: 1. All cars crank signal simulation experts. 2. All cars sensor signal simulation experts. 3. All cars Actuator experts. 4. All cars actuator simulation experts.

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Auto ECU Sensor Signal for all car crank signal simulation experts


1. All cars crank signal simulation experts.
It can be set arbitrary waveform output, can produce all the models of today’s engine crankshaft, camshaft signals (Hall, magnetic, optical signals), waveform data, waveform memory card from the long-term preservation, waveform data for free online updates.

2. All cars sensor signal simulation experts.
Speed signal, speed signal (Hall, magnetic, optical signals), ABS wheel speed signal, the oxygen sensor signal, throttle signal, air flow, inlet pressure sensor (analog, digital) and other signal simulation

3. All cars Actuator experts.
Tachometer, odometer, blower control module, injector, ignition coil, ignition module, frequency and pulse width control solenoid valve, stepper motor drive (four-lane, six-lane), car audio amplifiers, etc.;

4. All cars actuator simulation experts.
Ignition coil, injectors, idle speed stepper motor, ultrasonic generators, actuators simulation. Strong domestic first-line five-channel editing functions crank signal Arbitrary wave signal analog output

Auto ECU Sensor Signal for all cars crank signal simulation experts.
All car crank signal simulation experts, all car sensor signal simulation experts.


1. Users can set the engine control system, independent of different types of crank signal output (for all models of computer-driven)

2. Automatic transmission input and output shaft signal simulation

3. Set the waveform data is written directly

4. Engine speed signal output

5. Speed signal output (Hall signal, magnetic signal)

6. Three, four-channel ABS wheel speed signal output

7. PC board working current test

8. EGR solenoid valve drive

9. Carbon can clear the solenoid valve drive

10. Tachometer drive

11. Blower Control Module Driver

12. Idle valve driver

13. Stepper motor drive (4, 6 lines)

14. Injector Driver

15. Ignition coil driver

16. Ignition module drive

17. Parking sensor (ultrasound) probe drive

18. Automatic Shift Valve Drive

19. Shift quality valve drive

20. hydraulic valve drive

21. Water temperature, intake air temperature, outdoor temperature, evaporation temperature sensor signal simulation box

22. Oxygen sensor signal simulation (manual)

23. Oxygen sensor signal simulation (auto signal) 24. Throttle signal simulation.


1. Please inspect the products quantity, appearance, out & inner packing within 3 Working-Days after receiving them, otherwise, Sacer will not cover it in warranty.

2. Out-package: If the out-package broken or short in quantity when arrived , please apply for compensation from express company.
Inner-package: If the products broken or damaged when you inspect, please contact with Sacer sales department in time.


2 years Full Warranty

Full function OQC test and confirm for every unit. 18 months for ECU, 30 calendar days for IC chips) Finish full function at HALT test, include temperature test, ageing test, drop test, vibration test, salt spray test, destructive test.

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