SA4001-1 Renault fuel pump(Aluminium) OE number 0580464076/0580464089

SA4001-1 Renault fuel pump(Aluminium) OE number 0580464076/0580464089

SA4001-Renault fuel pump(blue) OE number 0580464076/0580464089

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Application:Fuel tank Model:Renault Espace MKIII,Kangoo KC0,Kango Expres,Laguna MKII, Laguna,Master,Megane,Scenic Voltage Voltage:12V OperatioPressure:3-4bar MinimumFlow:130L/H
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Renault fuel pump(blue) OE number 0580464076/0580464089


Fuel tank


Renault Espace MK III, Kangoo KC0, Kango Expres, Laguna MK II, Laguna, Master, Megane, Scenic Voltage


Name Renault fuel pump
Model Renault 
Minimum Current 5A
Voltage 12V 
Operation Pressure 3-4bar
Minimum Flow 130L/H
Intented Use Replacement Part
Diameter 51.8mm
Length 185mm
Number SA4001
Oil inlet 12mm
Outlet 8mm
Color Blue


Fuel pump location:

The Renault fuel pump in the vehicle is located inside the fuel tank. It can be accessed from the inside of the car by opening the top of the fuel tank. 

Fuel pump function:

Electric fuel pumps generate positive electrical pressure in fuel lines, which drives fuel to the internal combustion engine. An ignition switch activates a relay that manages the higher current necessary to increase fuel pressure.

How to check the problem?

The first thing to do is to turn on the ignition and listen for the sound of the Renault fuel pump. It should make an audible running sound for a few seconds after the ignition is turned on. If there is no sound, check for loose, broken or corroded connections. Next, check that the relay switches in and out and the contacts are bright and clean. Also check the fuses. Finally, test the voltage at the pump to see if the supply is 12 volts.

How to solve the problem?

Since the problem and fault code remain after the fuel rail and sensors have been replaced, this indicates that the cause is either air leaking into the system or a faulty Renault fuel pump. With diesel engines, air can be sucked into the system with no signs of fuel leakage. It is advisable to have a garage use a Mityvac or equivalent pump to test the system. The common points for leaks are the fuel filter / body housing and the primer. If this is where the leakage is, then the fuel filter body housing will need to be replaced. If there is no sign of leakage and the injectors are okay, the remaining possible cause is a problem with the Renault fuel pump which will need to be checked.



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